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The Ultimate Guide To Camping With Kids

Camping with kids– these three words not only signify plenty of fun but also arouse worries in parents. While traveling in an RV is a great option for keeping the kids 24/7 with you, you have to plan each and every step of your camping vacation very consciously and carefully. This includes selecting the best suitable RV, choosing the camping site, gathering all the necessary items, checking the weather and much more.

I recently went on sequoia national park camping with kids, and I know how challenging it is to manage these impatient souls! But I managed to make camping with kids a pleasant memory. Let’s see how I did this!

Getting the Most Out of Camping With Kids

Make the RV your home

‘Are we there?’, ‘When will it come?’, ‘Have we reached?’ Are you familiar with these questions? You must be because that’s what children keep asking when you are on a journey. (Plenty of toys, video games, or picture books are not going to work!) The reason behind this is that they feel uncomfortable anywhere except home. That’s where choosing the right caravan comes into the picture.

Check if there are enough beds, water, entertainment, first-aid box and other important things in the RV. Better ask your kids what they require before you start planning your trip.

Design Suitable Activities

The best way to keep the children engaging is to design interesting activities for them. As camping with kids comes with an opportunity for relaxing as well as learning new things, activities should be designed such way that it improves the knowledge of your kids with fun.

You can ask your kids to make their own sandwiches, organize a story contest during the campfire, or make them a ‘nature explorer’. You can also keep a micro-kit of paper, pen, glue, and stickers in your RV and let them explore their creativity.

Do an Advance Research on the Campsite

Well, this is something we all do. But with children, you have to be extra careful! As soon as kids step out of the RV/Motorhome, they need fun. You might love a camping site where you can enjoy a chatting with friends under the star-studded sky or listen to your favorite music in the cool breeze coming over the trees. But this is not how you can enjoy with kids (or to be more specific, children won’t).

So, search for the game place where they can build the sand castle, swim, explore the hidden place, in short, do some ACTIVITIES. Also, make sure that the site has some restaurants nearby (for kids, hunger is unpredictable).

Guide them on Safety and Courtesy

I think this should be an important aspect of every vacation planning. To experience the best of camping with kids, you can guide them to follow some safety measures in case of an emergency. Teach them by providing real-life examples. Also, teach them how they can maintain the environment clean, respect the privacy of other campers, or help their family by doing small chores.

What Do You Need When Camping?

The summer season is drawing to an end, very quickly we might add. Before you know it, school is back in session, leaves are starting to fall and the weather cools down as the days get shorter. This means you have a short period of time left to take the family on one last camping trip of the year.

You enjoy camping trips as well, it gives you the perfect opportunity to do a little off-road riding in your 4×4. Just don’t forget to pack up the portable mini air compressor.

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You enjoy camping for different reasons than your wife or kids, just as they enjoy it for reasons other than yours. In any case, camping is fun and it comes with a lot of benefits. Here are a few benefits your family will enjoy when you take them camping again.

Fresh Air

We all tend to take the air we breathe for granted. It isn’t until we are up in the mountains or in a wonderful forest miles from the city that we can actually stop and enjoy the fresh air.

Living in the city, we are used to the noxious fumes, odors and other impurities we breathe. But when you go camping, the sweet smell of nature hits those nostrils and it is a good feeling.


Whether you walk around looking for firewood or take a long hike around the lake, you are never really just sitting around when you go camping and this means you are getting plenty of exercise.

Life is sure different when you aren’t stuck in front of a big screen television with a remote in your hands and access to thousands of movies and TV shows on Netflix. Stay at the campground for a couple of weeks and you will go home less a few pounds of flesh and fat.


Spending time in the great outdoors means you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine. Even more importantly, by being outside, you are getting your daily dose of vitamin D.

Better Sleep

We can’t think of a scientific explanation, but people just tend to sleep better when they are on a camping trip. There are many factors that could be the reason. For Example, you might sleep better because you stay busy all day and are exhausted come bedtime or maybe it’s because the night is still, quiet and lulls you into a deep slumber.

Less Stress

When you are on a camping trip, you are physically and mentally removed from the daily stresses of your life. Up on that mountain or on that campsite, work, traffic and that annoying guy in your office are but just a faded dream.

Sitting in front of a campfire roasting marshmallows and talking stories is a great way to relieve stress.


It is so much easier to get the attention of the wife and kids when their noses aren’t buried in their smartphones and other electronic devices. It is such a beautiful thing when you can talk to your family and actually see their happy faces.

Camping enables the family to do things together because they are unplugged and have to rely on what is physically around them for entertainment.

New Challenges

Camping provides many opportunities for new challenges. Whether the challenge is a new trail you want to navigate in your truck or a trail you want your family to hike, there is a challenge for everyone.

Great Food

There is just something about cooking a meal over a campfire that sets the scene for a wonderful evening.

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If you enjoy hunting or fishing, your fresh game or fish can be cooked up as part of a very tasty and healthy meal. If that isn’t your style, grilled burgers, hot dogs and steaks from the grocery will do just as well.

Get Social

Camping isn’t what you think it is, one or two people stuck out in the middle of nowhere with nobody to talk to. Even in the most remote of places, you will run into fellow campers or hikers or like-minded people who are doing a little off-road driving.