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Adding Function to Fitness

Functional Fitness for You!

What do Olympic athletes have in common with exercise beginners?  These two groups – as well as everyone in between – can reap the benefits from a type of exercise that will not only help them excel at their designated activities, but enable them to perform functions of daily living more easily and safely.

Whether you are a gym regular, a weekend warrior, or are completely new to exercise, functional fitness is for you.  At the most basic level, functional fitness can help someone more easily stand up from the couch.  At its most extreme, functional fitness can help Olympic athletes bring home the gold medal.

“For some, functional training may involve movements in strength that enhance a person’s ability to perform daily activities.  Or, it may be used to improve an athlete’s performance in their designated sport, or even to build a better relationship between the nervous system and the muscular system,” said Dan FitzSimons, owner and trainer of CrossFit Pittsburgh Personal Training.  “No matter how you define it, functional training is an important part of exercise and should be included into a person’s routine.”

According to Dan, functional fitness is not a new concept; neither are other types of training such as core training or interval training.

“CrossFit Pittsburgh has been incorporating these necessary exercise components into our clients’ workouts for years,” he said.  “We love all types of training, especially all of the reasons why a person should train.”

The newest component at CrossFit Pittsburgh that will help enhance a person’s functional training routine is the Industrial Athletics Functional Training System, which enables Dan and his team of trainers to bring functional fitness to a whole new level. “The Industrial Athletics is a great addition to our arsenal of functional training weapons,” Dan explained.  “The accompanying fitness tools provide us with a huge array of exercises that have our clients performing compounded moves that will help them develop as an athlete, a homemaker, a weekend warrior, or simply just help them to move around more easily.”

Dan noted that the Industrial Athletics is the foundation and framing for enhancing the overall function and performance for ANYONE who uses it.

“CrossFit Pittsburgh trainers are extremely knowledgeable, motivated and enthusiastic about their jobs and our equipment.  Because of this extensive knowledge, we are able to train anyone who is interested in developing a healthier lifestyle,” Dan said.  “Our functional training tools have many applications in real life, like working with children to develop gross motor skills, to someone who wants to increase their core and overall strength, to elite athletes who want to achieve performance goals.  These tools also help individuals who simply just need help getting up and down stairs, in and out of the car or to simply live a better quality of life.”

Industrial Athletics is a company that cares as much about individuals being able to achieve healthier lifestyles as CrossFit , according to Dan.  “We have seen a real need for functional training in our lives and have gone above and beyond to fulfill that need with our clients.  Our ability to understand this philosophy, absorb the knowledge and develop the skills required to perform on this equipment will have a direct impact on our clients.

“Functional training has always been a big part of our foundation, but it just received a major makeover.  As one of our clients said, ‘People come here for all of the right reasons.’”

How Do You Program A Pendulum?

Pendulum Programming has evolved over the years. One thing that we do not shy away from is that we want our program to be smart. We want to be able to deliver people results and keep them from getting hurt.

Here is the transcript of the video from above.

Alright! What’s going on FitFam? You know, I wanted to do this special thing for you today. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what it is like to program. A program specifically for CrossFit, for fitness, for Pasadena Personal Trainer. What that looks like and how it relates to you. Why should you listen? Maybe because you feel like you’re not getting the right things out of your workouts. Maybe you want results and you’re not getting the right results. Maybe you want harder workouts. Then this is for you. So we’re going to cover those things.

Here’s the deal. Why should you care? Why should you listen to me? I’ve been doing this for eighteen years. Eighteen years of programming fitness for people from the elite to the general public. Programing, good programing, should serve a purpose and it should serve a result. A direct outcome. Now, when I was a strength & conditioning coach for Western Michigan University, we used to program so we would 1) keep our athletes safe and healthy so that they could be competitive throughout the entire season; 2) so that they could get stronger and become better athletes; and 3) team building and community. This was really cool because you would have kids who would come in as 18-year-olds and they could barely bench 185lbs, but they were Division I athletes. Then by the end of their four or five years, they were benching over 315lbs. Very cool! Now, does that have any relevance towards football? It depends on the position. But, that was unique to that situation because we had to get them from their day 1 to the end of their time with us at the university.

Pasadena Personal Trainer

Now, when I program here for Pendulum, it’s different. It’s different because we have people of all shapes and sizes, all different ages; but everybody is here for one thing— to improve on their fitness. Then from there, you have subcategories: 1. I want to lose weight 2. I want to get out of pain 3. I want to look better naked 4. I want to perform better in my workouts 5. I want it to help support me for my job 6. I need to have more energy for my kids. The list goes on. Why is that important for you to care about? There is a spectrum of wellness from those that are sick to those that are fit. When we see that full-spectrum we want to look at that and say, “How can we take somebody from being not healthy to leading a more healthy lifestyle?” Living life in motion!

So what does that mean for you? A General Physical Prepared program, known as GPP, should be constantly varied, have functional movements, and it should be performed at high intensity. That’s what we like to program. The reason why we do that is so that every day could be different. Not every day has to be the hardest, most grueling workout of your life for it to be effective. Case in point, a couple of years ago I got hurt. I was doing too much training, wasn’t sleeping enough, wasn’t eating the right way, I was getting older, and there were certain things that were not going the way that they should for somebody who’s going to be doing competitive CrossFit. I ended up getting hurt so I sought out help from a coach. That coach helped me really understand some things. He helped me understand that not every day has to feel like the nastiest beat down of your life. What you do need to do is have consistency. That’s the name of the game in fitness. Anywhere between 4 to 6 days of working out a week, coupled with eating right and sleep, is going to allow for you to get really good results. If you do those things you’re going to get results. But it takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. So, what’s really important for people to understand is that if you can commit to a process and show up day in and day out, get good sleep, manage your stress levels, and trust the programming to us, you’re going to get results.

There are times when you’re like “Hey, I really want to get a muscle-up” or work towards something more specific. There are times like that where you do need a bit more specificity in your programming that will help you get better. Seeking out one of our coaches to help program on the side for you or doing extra work at the gym with guidance helps. What doesn’t help is having grinder workouts (really long and hard workouts) multiple times a week. That may work for a competitive crossfitter at an elite level. They need to be able to train in that capacity so that when they go to competitions they’re prepared for that experience. But for you and me, having one or two hard workouts a week is just right. You have days that need to be long and slow, days that need to be really short and explosive, and then your general aerobic workouts.

The other thing that happens when you program for people is volume. The amount of volume that is okay for one person might not be okay for another person. You may get a lot of sleep but the person next to you in class may not get much sleep at all and may have a really stressful job. The great thing about CrossFit and about being a part of our gym is that we can scale you up. Make the workout more challenging if you want. But working out harder doesn’t always mean working out smarter. There are three kinds of energy systems that we typically use— really short workouts, medium workouts (30s – 1min 30s), and aerobic workouts (2min 40s and up). We want to make sure you stay inside these energy systems so you can get better at fitness. Then your improvement will show when we test or with things like The Open.

There’s this belief in fitness that really hard, demanding workouts are what you need. That’s not necessarily the case. You’re just doing extra stuff just to do extra stuff and sometimes that takes more of a toll on your body than it does with helping it. Remember, exercise and fitness is just one component. The only way that it works is if you are recovering as well. If you spend an hour in the gym, what are you doing outside of the gym to make sure that you’re recovering and helping your body recharge? Are you eating the right foods? Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night? Are you managing your stress levels? Do you have a really demanding job? Are you only making it to the gym about two times a week? Your answers to these questions might be the reasons for your setbacks.

The reason we program the way that we do is so that we have at least one really hard work out a week. The other stuff is to help color in the program and make you generally physically fit. Fit enough to do everyday tasks, to move a couch without hurting yourself, or even just to have the energy to play with your kids. When I was training to compete I actually found that my fitness level to play with my kids was way worse than it is now. I was always so sore, so beat up, so UGH! My kids wanted to go out and play and I just didn’t have the energy. At what point does your fitness help what you’re trying to do? Does it help make your life better or does it hold you back from living your life? That’s why we program the way that we do. So you can show up every day and it can help not only your fitness but your overall life.

There is someone in our gym that has been with us for five years and he is one of the most consistent athletes that I have ever seen. He is now considered one of the top athletes in our gym. But it wasn’t always that way. What allowed him to progress was his consistency and understanding of scaling. It’s a process. If you can commit to the process, eat right, sleep, manage your stress, and communicate to your coaches about what’s going on, then we can help you.

If you’re having pain, if you want a different program, if you want a little bit more work for specific goals, we can help adjust those things for your workouts to support that. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, please come talk to one of the coaches. If you have more questions about programming, come talk to me. I love having this conversation because it is something I’ve been doing for a very long time. But I want to make sure that you understand why we do what we do. It is to make sure that you guys get better, get results, and ultimately so that you can come in more often. The more often that you are here, the better the results. I hope that this helps and thanks so much for listening.

Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve The Importance Of A Proper Warm-up

We have stressed the importance of a proper warm-up before exercising and I hope you have started to implement one into your routine Personal Training Cumming GA. However, now that summer is approaching and the temps are increasing I want to make sure that when you finish you are not just grabbing your keys and running out. I know you want to get in and get out but it’s very important that you allow yourself time to cool off. This cool down period should involve a much lower level of intensity. Your heart rate should slowly return to normal and you should start to feel as if you did before you began your workout. Adding a cool-down to your routine will help to reduce lactic acid build-up by giving your muscles time to push it and other substances out of the muscle as well as increasing blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. Try and add a cool down period to your works this week!

The 9/2/1 Rule

We move faster than ever before from day today. We demand a lot of ourselves in many facets of our lives. We cannot maintain a high intensity in these all of the time. We need to strategically think about when we are going to maintain, surge, and step back. I have noticed this with my clients over the last 13 years. They either want to go super hard or they want to just take a break. They find no middle ground, which is where we should be living the majority of the time. So, I developed what I call the 9/2/1 rule. This can be used in all areas of life, but I will relate it to nutrition and exercise here.

9 – Baseline

This is where you will be living for the majority of the year. For 9-months, you will strive to move a little bit each day, get a few hard workouts in, and eat well 80-90% of the time. You make good progress and don’t go backward. You continue to see changes in your energy, mind, body, and physical fitness. Not huge leaps and bounds, but just enough. You can fit this routine into your daily habits without too much difficulty. This is where you really succeed.

2- Surge

There are times in your life where you will need to “surge”. I heard this term from a friend of mine and it made total sense. For this 2-month period, you will prioritize your fitness and nutrition. It will be one of, if not the main focus in your life. You will have to sacrifice some other things in your life to get there. Parties, time with friends, some work-related things, household projects, and many other things might have to take a backseat for a while. This is the time to go at it hard and never look back. For some, 2-months may be too long to keep up a high intensity. If you need to, you can reduce it to 4-6 weeks. It just depends on the person. Regardless, you only have a certain amount of time that you can go hard before you burn out, crash, and maybe even go backward. Proceed with caution.

1- Step Back

If you put in the work upfront, you will earn a well-deserved vacation. You don’t have to use this month all at once. You could use it in chunks. Most people will find it beneficial to use it on a real week-long vacation, holiday parties, and during times that you are working hard on other areas of your life. Preparing for a big project at work, getting ready for your son or daughter’s graduation party, or caring for a loved one, just to name a few. Now, this does not mean that you need to go totally off the wagon. This is just a time to step back and enjoy life. Take a break from the hard work and push the reset button. After you take the needed time off, it’s time to go back to your baseline.

Stop Stressing Yourself Out By Weighing Yourself Every Day!!

Everybody’s weight fluctuates on a day to day basis based on several factors – the main factor being water weight, especially in women. A woman’s weight can fluctuate 2-4 lbs easily when your monthly cycle is approaching.

To save your sanity, it’s best to only weigh in once a week, or at the most twice a week. When doing so, ALWAYS weighs in at the same time each week, wearing the same amount of clothing. I recommend always weighing as soon as you wake up. Just jump out of bed, use the restroom and jump on the scale. The only thing to be aware of is if you ate a heavy meal or a meal super high in sodium the night before you can expect to be up a little in weight. But don’t worry, that gain is just water and should be gone by the next day. And without exception, ALWAYS WEIGH IN ON THE SAME SCALE. Every scale in the world will weigh you a little different no matter what, so it’s super important to only weigh in on one scale.

So, to sum things up in a quick sentence. When checking your weight, always weigh in at the same time, on the same scale, and only do so once a week, but try and not do so the morning after eating a big meal high in sodium!!

What Are the Perks of Hiring a Personal Trainer Battersea?

If you’ve thought about hiring a personal trainer Battersea, but have some doubts about it, this is the right post for you. It is a good idea to choose to hire the best professionals for personal training to motivate you throughout the year. Some people join gyms because of their new year resolutions, but not all can stick to that for the entire year.

One of the major reasons why people look out for personal trainers is that it helps them get rapid results. If you want to shed off those extra pounds before your special day or need to get in shape before your wedding day, hiring a personal trainer Battersea can be advisable.

Avoid injuries and chronic conditions

personal trainer Battersea

People with injuries or specific health problems should definitely workout under supervision. Choosing to hire a personal trainer can be a good option for such professionals. You can talk to the personal trainers and get all the required information before hiring them. A good personal trainer can help you get the best exercises and supervise you that you do them correctly. You can overcome existing injuries also when you hire a qualified personal trainer.

New to gym and exercise

If you are new to getting started at the gym, you may not know how to use the equipment. There are chances that you may be able to injure yourself if you do not know the right use of the exercise equipment and machines. Before talking to a personal trainer, you should identify what fitness goals you’re trying to achieve.

Boost your weight loss efforts

One of the major reasons why people hire personal trainers is that they want to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle. Hiring a personal trainer can help you boost your weight loss efforts and get great success. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to losing weight. Hence, a personal trainer Battersea can customize your workout plans and help you lose weight faster.

Improve your confidence

Men and women of all the age groups can improve their confidence by hiring a personal trainer. If you feel shy or intimidated about going to a gym, hiring professionals at home can be a good idea. You can avoid crowded places and stay motivated all the year round.

How to choose the right personal trainer?

It can be a good idea to talk to a few professionals and compare them. Clarify all the questions you may have and make the right choice of hiring personal fitness trainers. Choose to hire a qualified personal trainer who can understand your exact requirements and train you as per your schedule. You should get proper mental and physical support from the professional you choose to hire. They should motivate you and push you beyond the limits so that you can achieve your health objectives easily. Depending on your health objectives, you can choose to hire the best professionals who can guide you and improve your health and personality.



When the sun’s shining, and the weather’s warm, getting to the gym’s easy.

When it gets cold, dark and wet, this is where it can get challenging. All you want to do is get under a blanket, eat warm and comforting food, and watch a movie.

Here are 3 ways to help keep you working out consistently when it’s cold and dark outside.


Sometimes when you want to get into the zone, the rights tunes will get you there. According to research, we often associate music with memories and the context within which we first heard the music.

If you know the kind of music that puts a spring in your step, using that music for a playlist will give you the ‘spring ‘, you need to get off the sofa and onto your next session.

But don’t go for music that is too fast: according to a 2010 study, songs with beats from 120-140bpm provide the maximum benefit for moderate exercisers. If you’re an iTunes fan, you can search for music by bpm.


According to a 2012 study, you associate the clothes you wear with the activities you do. You associate yourself even more with an activity when you wear the uniform, so by putting on your training duds you’re more inclined to walk the walk and get to your workouts.

This is confirmed by psychologist and personal trainer Battersea Susan Rudnicki, who also suggests that when we see others wearing training gear we associate them as being more skilled in training.

By getting into the gear, you’re training your mind to think more like an athlete. The more you think like an athlete, the more inspired and likely you are to train like one.  Also, who wants to waste a new outfit that makes you feel great?

personal trainer Battersea


Ever heard yourself saying ‘I’m too busy to train’. The best way to avoid life and inclement weather derailing your training regime, is to mark it as an appointment in your diary.

Benjamin Franklin was 100% right in saying ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. By putting a regular appointment into your diary (not saying I’ll get to it later today – physically block the time out) you’re much more inclined to stick to the regime.

This action will turn into a habit, helping you entrench the behaviour and reap the benefits of consistent training.

Top Tip: if at all possible, start early. With most schedules, you’ll have maximum control of your day at the start of it, so schedule your sessions in the morning to get the training in before the day goes sideways.


Here at Fit to Last, our members train consistently three times a week in a small group. They tell us that signing up to our program helps them to keep working out consistently (even through the dark winter months) for the following reasons:

  • Accountability: knowing that my personal trainer is waiting to assist me is a big motivator. Also knowing my workout team members are expecting to see me at the sessions really helps too. I hate ver having to miss a session.
  • Convenience: I never have to book my workouts online before I can attend. My spot is always there for me.
  • Speed of change/value for money: before joining the program, I was struggling to get results working out at the gym and dieting on my own. Knowing that the time and money I invest is actually getting me results motivates me to keep going.
  • Outsourced thinking: one of the best things is that the thinking is done for me. The session planning, tracking and roadmap to my goals has all been planned out for me. All I need to do is show up and work as hard as I can.

A common approach to achieving fitness goals is to join a gym. But unless you already know what you’re doing, you’ll actually save yourself more time and money by working with a team of fitness professionals. Tally up the amount of time and money you may have wasted on a gym membership. Did you get results? Or like millions of other gym subscribers in the UK, did you  go sporadically and struggle to see results?

It’s natural to feel a little blue over the winter months. We hope these tips will help you to keep your training consistent and be ready for when the ice breaks and spring returns.

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Online Personal Trainers – Find the Correct One for You

If you are looking for fitness personal trainers on the internet, then you will find that there are many health and fitness websites that promote getting help from an online personal trainer. Perhaps the commitment that hiring one entails will push you to adhere to a fitness program. Whether you have been working out for many years without any help from anyone and need the extra boost that a personal trainer can give you, or whether you’re just starting a fitness regimen and don’t want to go it alone, a trainer may be the way to reach your fitness goals.

The better websites that offer personal trainers for hire charge from around seventy five to one hundred dollars per month and will work one-on-one with you each step of the way. What you need to look for is a website that lets you work with only one trainer not just whoever happens to be online at the time, like the others. When you work with a single trainer and make contact with them several times a week, you will find that getting motivated to work and adhering to in home personal training is not as difficult as it once was.

Having an online fitness trainer available  to push you and to encourage you can help you achieve your health and fitness goals much more quickly. Many times when a person goes to the gyms in edmond ok, they get distracted by other people. Personal trainers are there to plan your regimen and to help get you motivated to sculpt your body and stay on task. You need an online personal trainer because though you believe in the “no pain no gain” theory, you need someone there to remind you of that. If you are exercising using the wrong techniques and form, then that could result in injury as well as failure to target the areas you want to enhance.

gyms in edmond ok
gyms in edmond ok

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Online Personal Training

Many people are intimidated by the thought of walking into an unknown establishment, signing up and then working out in front of very fit people who not only look great but also seem to know what they are doing. Instead, they falsely convince themselves into believing that only once they have lost a few pounds on their own will they be worthy to begin working out at the gym.

Certified Fitness Trainer

When you think about it, hiring a certified fitness trainer may be an intimidating process, especially if you are at an unfamiliar gyms in edmond ok with confusing machines and people with perfect bodies. Over-thinking can deflate the resolve of even the most motivated workout enthusiast.

A Personal Trainer

Whether you’ve let yourself go and now want to get in shape or whether you just don’t feel fit because you lack energy, a personal trainer can help you meet your lifestyle goals. It is beneficial to have someone there to help you integrate fitness into your routine, as well as encourage you to add healthier food choices to your life.