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Don’t Get Left Behind – Five Ways To Be Better

The training we do today is not the same as it was ten years ago, and it won’t be the same ten years from now. It is a natural evolution for an industry to change over time as more evidence-based research is done in an area and the science advances.

But What You Decide To Learn Or Get Certified In Should Be Guided By 4 Questions:

  1. Will it help our clients get better results?
  2. Can we make money with it?
  3. Can we sell it?
  4. Do we believe in it?

As a gym owner, you have to filter through all of the garbage, and there is a lot of it, to do what’s in the best interest of your business.  If a coach comes to me with a certification request for nutrition or stretch therapy and we can see that it will help our clients get better results, it will make us more money, we can sell it because we believe in it then we’ll pay for them to go out and get it. It’s another resource for our coach to grow and expand their knowledge in our field.

Are You Progressing With The Times Or Are You Stuck Following The Trends Or Gimmicks?

Continuing your education especially in your industry raises the caliber of your business. Every year at Pulse, we pick a seminar, or convention, or lecture and we make a trip out of it and go as a team to listen and learn. We get certifications, we keep the certifications active and we continue to grow.

There Has To Be An Roi, If There’s Not It Doesn’t Make Sense.

There are ways of seeing it paid off even if it’s not the front end if a client ends up staying longer that’s a return.

We constantly say if you’re not growing your dying. Stay on top of your game and seek out education, even if it’s not in your field. Take a course in marketing for fitness businesses or a leadership class, read a book, but stay updated in the industry and any of the industries outside of yours that might relate.

When my team and I do these seminars a lot of times will split up and go to different sessions so when we meet back up, we can talk about what we believe in and learn more about it to bring back to the gym. The team is excited to implement it and the clients know they have the latest and greatest research available to them It’s a win for everyone involved, and that is what you need to look for.

Most importantly, whatever you decide, make sure you believe it and IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned. Too often people attend a seminar and they tell you how to make your business more successful but only 2% of the audience takes action. Why are you even there? Don’t waste your time and your money on something that you’re not going to follow through with.

Marketing for Fitness Businesses made as easy as 1-2-3!

Here are some “Marketing for fitness businesses Must Do Follow–up Steps” for getting and keeping more fitness and personal training clients.

Did you know that almost 80% of health club, fitness centers, boot camp, Yoga, and fitness prospects who are genuinely interested in your services won’t hire you right away. There are many reasons for this. Some might need time to get to know you better. Others might not be sure that they need your facility and/or a personal trainer.  Still others might have another reason to hesitate about “pulling the trigger.”  I participated in a seminar yesterday and learned that it takes an average of 7 “touches” before someone will become your client.  So what should you do?

marketing for fitness businesses

Social Media Logos

The answer is: embrace social media, electronic communication, and all things online for all it’s worth!  Why? Regardless of the reason that holds your prospect back from becoming a client; you need to stay in touch with these prospects on a regular basis. You should stay connected to them, so when they decide to get started it will be your company they choose instead of the one they happen to be driving by at the moment.

The internet makes marketing so much easier to stay in contact.

But when it comes to marketing health and fitness facilities, it is not as simple as sending out reminder emails that say, “we are still here, still waiting to work with you, still hoping to earn your business.”  Here are some much better ideas for marketing for fitness businesses:

  • Share a helpful fitness or health club article. Your prospect will be so pleased that you think enough of them to share timely news and information about their health and fitness.
  • Make a special announcement. For example, you can send an email announcing that you’ve recently added equipment to the health club, new staff trainers, or even new classes to your list of services.
  • Share a success story. Many prospects will want to know how you’ve helped your other clients solve a specific health and fitness problem or get a specific result. Sometimes these success stories are called “testimonials” or “case studies” and they can be solid gold when it comes to converting customers, getting membership renewals and up-selling.
  • Connect on the social networks. Is your prospect active on LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other popular social networks? If so, there are plenty of opportunities for you to touch base with them there. Get their email address, ask them for their Twitter “handle” and send them a friend request on Facebook.
  • Brag a little. It’s okay to share a glowing testimonial you just received from a client, or other news that relates to your credentials and track record. Tell your health club prospects! If you’ve gotten new accreditation or gotten some local publicity it’s time to tell everyone.
  • Do a mini-survey. This has worked particularly well for me in the past. I send out a mini-survey — no more than three questions — on a topic that will be of interest to the prospective customer. Questions about overall health and fitness, kinds of fitness centers, yoga, boot camps, kick boxing, pole dancing, use of a personal trainer, good and bad diet, you name it.