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What Are the Perks of Hiring a Personal Trainer Battersea?

If you’ve thought about hiring a personal trainer Battersea, but have some doubts about it, this is the right post for you. It is a good idea to choose to hire the best professionals for personal training to motivate you throughout the year. Some people join gyms because of their new year resolutions, but not all can stick to that for the entire year.

One of the major reasons why people look out for personal trainers is that it helps them get rapid results. If you want to shed off those extra pounds before your special day or need to get in shape before your wedding day, hiring a personal trainer Battersea can be advisable.

Avoid injuries and chronic conditions

personal trainer Battersea

People with injuries or specific health problems should definitely workout under supervision. Choosing to hire a personal trainer can be a good option for such professionals. You can talk to the personal trainers and get all the required information before hiring them. A good personal trainer can help you get the best exercises and supervise you that you do them correctly. You can overcome existing injuries also when you hire a qualified personal trainer.

New to gym and exercise

If you are new to getting started at the gym, you may not know how to use the equipment. There are chances that you may be able to injure yourself if you do not know the right use of the exercise equipment and machines. Before talking to a personal trainer, you should identify what fitness goals you’re trying to achieve.

Boost your weight loss efforts

One of the major reasons why people hire personal trainers is that they want to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle. Hiring a personal trainer can help you boost your weight loss efforts and get great success. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to losing weight. Hence, a personal trainer Battersea can customize your workout plans and help you lose weight faster.

Improve your confidence

Men and women of all the age groups can improve their confidence by hiring a personal trainer. If you feel shy or intimidated about going to a gym, hiring professionals at home can be a good idea. You can avoid crowded places and stay motivated all the year round.

How to choose the right personal trainer?

It can be a good idea to talk to a few professionals and compare them. Clarify all the questions you may have and make the right choice of hiring personal fitness trainers. Choose to hire a qualified personal trainer who can understand your exact requirements and train you as per your schedule. You should get proper mental and physical support from the professional you choose to hire. They should motivate you and push you beyond the limits so that you can achieve your health objectives easily. Depending on your health objectives, you can choose to hire the best professionals who can guide you and improve your health and personality.



When the sun’s shining, and the weather’s warm, getting to the gym’s easy.

When it gets cold, dark and wet, this is where it can get challenging. All you want to do is get under a blanket, eat warm and comforting food, and watch a movie.

Here are 3 ways to help keep you working out consistently when it’s cold and dark outside.


Sometimes when you want to get into the zone, the rights tunes will get you there. According to research, we often associate music with memories and the context within which we first heard the music.

If you know the kind of music that puts a spring in your step, using that music for a playlist will give you the ‘spring ‘, you need to get off the sofa and onto your next session.

But don’t go for music that is too fast: according to a 2010 study, songs with beats from 120-140bpm provide the maximum benefit for moderate exercisers. If you’re an iTunes fan, you can search for music by bpm.


According to a 2012 study, you associate the clothes you wear with the activities you do. You associate yourself even more with an activity when you wear the uniform, so by putting on your training duds you’re more inclined to walk the walk and get to your workouts.

This is confirmed by psychologist and personal trainer Battersea Susan Rudnicki, who also suggests that when we see others wearing training gear we associate them as being more skilled in training.

By getting into the gear, you’re training your mind to think more like an athlete. The more you think like an athlete, the more inspired and likely you are to train like one.  Also, who wants to waste a new outfit that makes you feel great?

personal trainer Battersea


Ever heard yourself saying ‘I’m too busy to train’. The best way to avoid life and inclement weather derailing your training regime, is to mark it as an appointment in your diary.

Benjamin Franklin was 100% right in saying ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. By putting a regular appointment into your diary (not saying I’ll get to it later today – physically block the time out) you’re much more inclined to stick to the regime.

This action will turn into a habit, helping you entrench the behaviour and reap the benefits of consistent training.

Top Tip: if at all possible, start early. With most schedules, you’ll have maximum control of your day at the start of it, so schedule your sessions in the morning to get the training in before the day goes sideways.


Here at Fit to Last, our members train consistently three times a week in a small group. They tell us that signing up to our program helps them to keep working out consistently (even through the dark winter months) for the following reasons:

  • Accountability: knowing that my personal trainer is waiting to assist me is a big motivator. Also knowing my workout team members are expecting to see me at the sessions really helps too. I hate ver having to miss a session.
  • Convenience: I never have to book my workouts online before I can attend. My spot is always there for me.
  • Speed of change/value for money: before joining the program, I was struggling to get results working out at the gym and dieting on my own. Knowing that the time and money I invest is actually getting me results motivates me to keep going.
  • Outsourced thinking: one of the best things is that the thinking is done for me. The session planning, tracking and roadmap to my goals has all been planned out for me. All I need to do is show up and work as hard as I can.

A common approach to achieving fitness goals is to join a gym. But unless you already know what you’re doing, you’ll actually save yourself more time and money by working with a team of fitness professionals. Tally up the amount of time and money you may have wasted on a gym membership. Did you get results? Or like millions of other gym subscribers in the UK, did you  go sporadically and struggle to see results?

It’s natural to feel a little blue over the winter months. We hope these tips will help you to keep your training consistent and be ready for when the ice breaks and spring returns.

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