Best Custom Web Development Company For All Your Business

Best Custom Web Development Company For All Your Business

When developing a website, the team of custom web development Calgary uses the following technologies:

Components Of Custom Web Development

Client Side:

  • WEB Browser
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Optional Java
  • Optional Flash
  • Optional VRML

Server Side:

  1. Linux or Windows
  2. Apache
  3. PHP
  4. Java


  1. MySQL
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. MSSQL

Website Development Portfolio

Custom Web Development

A complete list of developed sites can be found at the website development page of the Portfolio.

E-commerce (Online Store):

Internet shop is a web catalog for the sale of goods and services. Online purchases are made by users (visitors) of the site through the special interface of the so-called shopping cart for web development.

Online store,  e-shop,  e-store,  Internet shop, web shop, online store, or virtual download of goods causes an analogy of shopping for products at retail stores. For such systems, typical payment methods are Internet cards, credit cards, electronic systems payments, checks, etc.

To do this, the modules of the processing of the corresponding payment systems are embedded. If a client wants to have a unique payment method, through his or her own system of accepting Internet payments – the corresponding module is programmed.

Also a characteristic feature, especially for overseas systems, is automated delivery modules (shipping). So far, such systems are not available in Canada.

Although for the calculation of the shipping price, the appropriate modules are programmed which automatically (depending on the specific transport partner prices) will form the price of the delivery for the customer in accordance with the criteria specified in the store? Preferably such criteria are the weight, volume (size) of the goods and the distance of delivery.

Additionally, in the custom design and custom web development Toronto of web products, we adhere to the relevant new standards that provide the full functionality of the system at various user screen resolutions, the most popular web browsers, and accordingly apply compatibility of technologies that can function fully in Web applications. In addition, for the best performance.

we stick to the so-called optimization of the content, which allows you to increase the speed of viewing the pages of the site, even on low-speed channels (lines) of the Internet from unions – which is very important especially in the CIS.

WEB Applications Standards:

WEB applications style involves:

  • Windows resembling design
  • Desktop with icons
  • Every user with his own properties
  • Customizable access privileges

Advanced java scripting (DOM II):

  • Remote scripting
  • Drop down menu
  • Drag ‘n drop
  • Dynamic window creation

Supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Netscape
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

And many other modern browsers

Multi language support

Bandwidth optimization

The end result of the work is a fully functional and tested web store, a web directory, a site management system, a content management system, and another web product that contains both the front-end web system and the administrative part of the site that meets the most up-to-date web standards. Web development Calgary and web programming.

Order the Internet Site

All other orders, if not covered by the standard parameters will be developed for a specific order.

The end result of a job is a fully functional, workable and tested web product that includes both a front-end web system and an administrative part of a web site that meets the latest custom web development and web development standards.