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Specialized Maintenance for Agoura Hills Pool Services

To have a home in the glamorous residential of Agoura Hills comes with numerous perks… And one of those is surely a stunning swimming pool!

But let’s face it: what of the situation when the blue water turns murky with a host of microbes waiting to gnaw at your health? And, you find yourself pouring endless amounts of precious time to scrub off the disgusting grime and mold off your swimming pool?

And even after all that, can we really get it just right and sparkling like before?

Along with time and patience, one needs to have professional knowledge of how things work in the swimming pool if they seek to restore it to its former glory.

And we at Stanton Pools services offer you precisely all of the above to set your pool sparkling like before!

Our immense love for swimming pools continually pushes us to better our craft. And, we take pride in declaring ourselves as one of the very best in the league which you will know why as you give the following a read!

When is the Right Time to Seek Professional Help for Your Pool’s Health?

Swimming pools get polluted and contaminated due to a number of reasons, and more so, if they happen to be outdoor pools. Factors like sunlight, dust and airborne microbes jeopardize the quality of swimming water and contribute to the gradual collapse of the structure.

A Few Visible Signs that You Should Consider as Reason Enough for Calling in the Team of Experts are as Follows:

Agoura Hills Pool Cleaning

Severe Cloud Formation

Discoloration or cloud formation in the swimming pool is the primary indicator to get your pool cleaned. It can also point out certain serious issues with the pool water such as algal infestation or the growth of threatening pathogens.

Also, the imbalance of chemicals in the water can lead to a change in its color and invite a host of other germs.

Even the slightest occurrence of pool discoloration should be taken into account for seeking professional cleaning which should include scrubbing off the walls and floors, getting rid of mold and chemically sanitizing the area.

Water-Chemical Imbalance

The chemical composition of your swimming pool water is one of the crucial aspects that determines the quality of the water. This is what makes the water suitable for swimming activities.

The ph levels, alkalinity, chlorine, calcium deposits and the presence of other sanitizers determine the purity and clarity of the water. The imbalance of any of these substances can not only affect the water but also harm the structure of the pool. An excess of such elements can render the water unfit and accelerate cloud formation, or even cause a pool shock in an otherwise clear water situation.

Consider having water assessment tests frequently to maintain its chemical balance.

Weathered Pool Filtration System or Other Essential Mechanisms

The filtration system of the pool is responsible for managing the circulation of clean water in the swimming area ensuring your pool doesn’t get turned into a dirty duck-pond. If it stops functioning, your swimming pool will become a hot breeding zone of disease-causing bacteria and other nasty stuff.

The filtration system will disintegrate with the onslaught of time and contaminants.

Check out for all the signs of breakage or things coming loose with the system. Periodically clean out the filter cartridges and baskets to ensure that there is no damage or contaminants stuck in them.

Since, it wouldn’t be easy to check the plumbings that frequently, consider calling in the professionals to have it all covered for you.

Improper Sensitization and Larger Particulate Matter

Apart from the factors mentioned above, your swimming pool water is exposed to a lot of other influences such as the harsh sunlight, smaller debris like pebbles or sediments, dirt, and fallen leaves. All of these contaminate the water and saturate with time.

One of the best-known sanitizers is chlorine that creates hypocrite ions when added to water. The UV rays of the sun cause these ions to heat up and evaporate, making the water vulnerable against infestation.

Algal infestation absorbs certain sanitizers like chlorine and bromine and causes stagnation of the pool water. This can cause deadly microbes such as E. Coli to proliferate, and the infection might spread.

If you notice any such things in your pool water, seek professional pool cleaning at all costs.

Our Services at Stanton Pools for Agoura Hills Pool Cleaning. We understand the kind of investment and care it takes to maintain a personal swimming pool. Therefore, we bring you our superior team of experts and the finest cleaning devices to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on your family’s health or happiness to enjoy the simple joys of life!

From thorough scrubbing and acid washes to water treatments and assessment, or even repairing your heaters and pumps, we have got you covered!

Take a look at our packages!

Our Agoura Hills Pool Service comes with the necessary water assessment procedures along with other specifications for catering to every kind of pool requirements. Some of these are:

  • Water chemical balance test
  • Salt water pool
  • Variable speed pool pump
  • LADWP pool pump rebate
  • Pool heater repair

Our exciting Weekly Cleanings package for all our beloved customers provides a considerable range of services. These are delivered by our team of experts with the utmost care and patience. These include specific functions such as:

  • Performing a water chemical test and adjustments.
  • Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Confirming proper operation of the pool basket
  • Checking the swimming pool and spa lights
  • Netting and vacuuming the pool
  • Reviewing the integrity of the pool service, deck and coping, and,
  • Brushing the swimming pool walls and steps

And just when you thought this was all…..! We also offer you our Specialized Maintenance for Agoura Hills Pool Service that wraps all of your pool issues up to eliminate them systematically! You can avail the following facilities of it:

  • Leak Detection
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Pump Repair
  • Filter cleanings
  • Acid washing
  • Heater maintenance, and,
  • Automation system installs

We offer a Risk Free Trial and an end-of-the-month billing system with no weekly service contract!

We cater to homes all over Ventura County and Los Angeles County, including the Conejo, Simi, and San Francisco Valleys.

As one of the most reputed and trusted Agoura Hills Pool Cleaners in the business, we take great pride in extending our services to all that we care for. Not only do we specialize in keeping your pools glittering and gleaming but we also strive to safeguard the health of your family.

So, if you’re in need for the best pool services for cleaning, remodeling or replastering your swimming pools, your search ends here.

Stylish Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is essential for any home with a swimming pool area. Recently, glass fences have become a common choice when it comes to pool boundaries. Here at Avi Glass Pool Fencing, we understand that home owners Avi Glass fencing that is not only functional, but also looks attractive. We sell cheap glass pool fencing in Perth, AVI GLASS – and we can cater to most needs.

Frameless glass fencing not only provides security for children, but it also improves the overall appearance of an outdoor area. Glass pool fencing Cheltenham are growing in demand, as they are durable, create a sense of space and are also very simple, clean and stylish.

Our panels can be fully installed by us on your premises as your chosen supplier and installer, or we can provide you with all of the materials for you to DIY. We offer advice and assistance with either option.

Stylish Stainless steel semi frameless glass pool fence

Our Stylish stainless steel semi frameless glass pool fence really gives you the nautical look.

Using our 316 grade high polish stainless steel posts and hard Avi Glass re coupled with 8mm clear toughened glass, you can be sure it is going to look great for years to come.

All our products carry a full Avi Glass rant against manufacturing defects and are all manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards to give you full peace of mind.

At Avi Glass Pool Fencing we can offer the full installation service – just give us a call and we will do the rest.
If you are an owner builder, work in the building industry or a handy person and Avi Glass to install yourself then we offer all our glass fencing styles in DIY kits. We will help you design your fence the most cost effective Avi Glass and then supply with a full set out. Your glass pool fence can be delivered to your site.

We even offer installation guidelines. And don’t forget, we are only a phone call an Avi Glass for any questions.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The sophistication and style Frameless Glass Pool Fencing but on a budget. The posts are manufactured from high grade aluminium and powder coated right here in Australia. All glass is 8mm clear toughened. Gate hard Avi Glass is high polished 316 grade stainless steel.

All components are manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and come with full manufacturers Avi Glass rarities.

The clear difference with this style is that you can get the glass “wow factor” look at a more economic rate. We can also mix and match with some tubular fencing for further savings. We can help design your pool fence in the most cost effective Avi Glass.

Tubular Pool Fencing

If it’s not glass you are after we can still assist. If Glass is not your personal choice that’s ok, at Avi Glass Pool Fencing, we also do you basic Tubular styles and common types of pool fencing. These come in both Aluminium powder coated or Tubular steel. Although Pool Fencing is usually kept very plain, with steel tubular we can do a variety of styles for that added flair is you should choose.

Types of Pool Repair – Which Is the One Your Pool Needs?

Swimming pools hold a large quantity of water and thus are subjected to a constant load which degrades the surface slowly over time, resulting in surface damages such as cracking and chipping. The older the pool, the more its chances of surface damage. To repair such detriment, one has to hire people who have experience and expertise in restoration of such pools.

Pool servicing firms offer many types of pool services, and sometimes it can be confusing as to which service do you require for your aging/damaged pool. The common services which they offer are Pool Resurfacing, Pool Restoration, Re-plastering, Remodeling, and Pool Construction. Among them, Restoration and Resurfacing are the most requested services for pool repair.

There are quite a number of Newbury park pool remodeling which can get the job done. Pool resurfacing is very different from pool restoration as both concern different areas of repair work. To highlight the differences between both, let’s take a look at their brief summaries:


• Pool Restoration: When a pool has suffered from major damage, such as leakage, surface damage, failure of pumping or drainage facilities and general deterioration, it needs to be restored. It includes repairing the surface, waterproofing it, upgrading the pumping and drainage systems, adding new facilities such as waterfalls and arches to add to its aesthetic value and a complete makeover of the pool.

• Pool Resurfacing: When the pool has only visible surface damage such as cracks, it requires resurfacing treatment. It includes the installation of a new surface using materials such as plaster, aggregates or tiles. Different materials have different installation costs, with plaster being the cheapest option and tiles being the most expensive.

Benefits of Pool Resurfacing

• Adding a couple more years to the life of the pool. • A chance to completely redesign the surface of the pool with the materials you wish, i.e. resurfacing an old plaster-surfaced pool with colorful tiles. • A redesigned pool which looks as good as new can increase the commercial value of your property if you’re planning on selling it. • Easier to maintain – A pool with a new surface can be cleaned much easier as compared to those with worn out surfaces.

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