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XL Center Tickets Named “Best Ticket Provider” by the Daily News

Congratulations to XL Center Tickets for winning “Best Ticket Agent” for the second year in a row. The Daily News readers voted on their favorite things and XL Center Tickets took the spot for “Best Ticket Agent” for the second time. This is a complete honor and privilege. We’d like to say thank you to every single one of you that voted for us. We aim high and want to make sure when you’re looking to buy or sell concert or sporting event tickets, XL Center Tickets makes the process an easy and affordable one.

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So THANK YOU to our clients. It’s been such a pleasure serving you and all of your ticketing needs. We genuinely appreciate all of your support. And thank you to The Daily News for continuing to promote our business and put us in the running for this honor. We look forward to many more years serving the Hartford area.


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Marketing for Fitness Businesses made as easy as 1-2-3!

Here are some “Marketing for fitness businesses Must Do Follow–up Steps” for getting and keeping more fitness and personal training clients.

Did you know that almost 80% of health club, fitness centers, boot camp, Yoga, and fitness prospects who are genuinely interested in your services won’t hire you right away. There are many reasons for this. Some might need time to get to know you better. Others might not be sure that they need your facility and/or a personal trainer.  Still others might have another reason to hesitate about “pulling the trigger.”  I participated in a seminar yesterday and learned that it takes an average of 7 “touches” before someone will become your client.  So what should you do?

marketing for fitness businesses

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The answer is: embrace social media, electronic communication, and all things online for all it’s worth!  Why? Regardless of the reason that holds your prospect back from becoming a client; you need to stay in touch with these prospects on a regular basis. You should stay connected to them, so when they decide to get started it will be your company they choose instead of the one they happen to be driving by at the moment.

The internet makes marketing so much easier to stay in contact.

But when it comes to marketing health and fitness facilities, it is not as simple as sending out reminder emails that say, “we are still here, still waiting to work with you, still hoping to earn your business.”  Here are some much better ideas for marketing for fitness businesses:

  • Share a helpful fitness or health club article. Your prospect will be so pleased that you think enough of them to share timely news and information about their health and fitness.
  • Make a special announcement. For example, you can send an email announcing that you’ve recently added equipment to the health club, new staff trainers, or even new classes to your list of services.
  • Share a success story. Many prospects will want to know how you’ve helped your other clients solve a specific health and fitness problem or get a specific result. Sometimes these success stories are called “testimonials” or “case studies” and they can be solid gold when it comes to converting customers, getting membership renewals and up-selling.
  • Connect on the social networks. Is your prospect active on LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other popular social networks? If so, there are plenty of opportunities for you to touch base with them there. Get their email address, ask them for their Twitter “handle” and send them a friend request on Facebook.
  • Brag a little. It’s okay to share a glowing testimonial you just received from a client, or other news that relates to your credentials and track record. Tell your health club prospects! If you’ve gotten new accreditation or gotten some local publicity it’s time to tell everyone.
  • Do a mini-survey. This has worked particularly well for me in the past. I send out a mini-survey — no more than three questions — on a topic that will be of interest to the prospective customer. Questions about overall health and fitness, kinds of fitness centers, yoga, boot camps, kick boxing, pole dancing, use of a personal trainer, good and bad diet, you name it.

Buy Paul McCartney Tickets

On June 18, 1942, James Paul McCartney was born at Walton General Hospital in Liverpool, where his mother had before worked as a midwife. His brother, Michael, who’s full name is Peter Michael McCartney, and who later went by the name of Mike McGear, was born eighteen months later. His family moved a few times, when he was 13, they moved to 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, just crossways a golf course and a little over one mile away from where John lived with his Aunt Mimi.

Music was forever a part of the Paul McCartney household. Before the war, Paul’s father was a Cotton salesman during the day and a jazz musician with Jim Mac’s Jazz Band by night. Both Paul McCartney and his brother conventional piano lessons. His mother Mary died of breast cancer when he was fourteen, while the two brothers were away at Boy Scout camp. The direct opposite of John Lennon as a school boy, Paul McCartney did very well in school. At the age of fourteen Paul McCartney wrote his first song, a deep lament called “I Lost My Little Girl.” Eight years later he returned to the same rueful theme when he found the words for probably his most-noted song, “Yesterday.”

First with and then without John Lennon, Paul McCartney wrote some of the best-known lyrics of the twentieth century, including “A Day in the Life,” “Hey Jude,” “Let It Be,” “Eleanor Rigby,” and “For No One.” His last recorded words with the Beatles, “and in the end the love you take is equivalent to the love you make,” epitomize his pride that the songs of the Beatles affirmed the positive spirit of the times.

In 1990, Paul McCartney developed an interest in orchestral music that has found achievement around the globe through his compositions The Liverpool Oratorio, Standing Stone, and Working Classical. Paul McCartney has further diversified his expression by explore his passion for painting, creating more than 500 canvases, exhibiting in Europe and America, and publishing a general volume of his work.

Paul McCartney has been writing poetry gravely for the past decade. His poems are collected for the first time, along with his legendary lyrics, in Blackbird Singing, to be published in the United States by W.W. Norton & Company on April 23, 2001. A Freeman of the City of Liverpool and Lead Patron of The Liverpool Organization for Performing Arts, Paul McCartney is a Fellow of The Royal College of Music and a Fellow of The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters. In 1996, Paul McCartney was knighted by H.M. The Queen for services to music. Despite his many artistic achievements, Paul McCartney says that his greatest accomplishments are his four children.

oon afterwards, Paul recorded an Unplugged session for MTV, which was released in 1991. In 1991, Paul embarked on a classical project, The Liverpool Oratorio, with composer Carl Davis, and it was perform that year in Liverpool Cathedral. The minor hit single Hope of Deliverance preceded Paul’s next album, Off The Ground, which was released in 1993. Like Flowers in the Dirt, it was followed by a world tour, and another live album, Paul McCartney Is Live.

Most lately, Paul McCartney has released a new album, Flaming Pie, in 1997, and the three singles taken from the album, Young Boy, The World Tonight and good-looking Night, have all had reasonable chart success in the UK. The odd title of the album derives from Beatles mythology, where a man on a flaming pie appeared to John Lennon and told him the band would be Beetles with an ‘A’. blazing Pie peaked at number two in the UK album charts, while all three singles went top twenty.

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buy xl center tickets

Paul McCartney has also written his second classical work, Standing Stone, which was performed for the primary time in late 1997 and was shown on UK TV on Christmas day 1997. Paul’s wife, Linda McCartney, sadly died of cancer in April 1998. She will be miss by Beatle-fans everywhere.

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