Contemporary Shag Rugs

Contemporary Shag Rugs

Do you want to impart a unique traditional flavor to your home to make it cater to the contemporary look and style? Then wrap the floors with contemporary shag rugs to augment the charm and elegance in your home. Today the contemporary designs in the area rugs can splash bright colors to your home décor ideas. So get contemporary shag rugs to enhance warmth and color in your home.

Choosing the contemporary shag rug for your home is a matter of taste and choice. The rugs are made of easy-care materials like olefin, polypropylene, wool or cotton. They come in various colors like orange, yellow, blue, violet, rainbow beige, geo multi, Cancun white, pewter and in gold. While light colors can add a soft feel to the floors, the dark colors can splash a great deal of jazzy feel to the rooms. By choosing the right color for your rooms, you can add that extra bit of spaciousness, brightness, warmth and beauty to your home.

When you want contemporary rugs for your living room, try to choose some dark colors. Since the living room is the most traditional place in your home, so a rug with smaller prints will add sunny tones to your room. To set off the stark lines of contemporary furniture, use rugs with bright abstract colors and pick a border-patterned rug to impart a sense of completeness to the rooms. If you want to choose a contemporary rug for your kid’s room, pick ones that are painted in bright pastel colors with cartoons fabric on them to make the rooms appear funky. An area rug in street or checkerboard design would be truly different for your children’s room.

contemporary shag rug

The contemporary rugs are usually made of hand-tufted or triple wool plush pile material. So not only are they soft to touch but they also impart a trendy look to your room. They are made of oriental fibers like sisal, sea grass, jute and polypropylene so they should be regularly vacuum cleaned, washed with a mild soap and dried washed to impart a particular shine to them.

Along with the hand tufted contemporary rug, the other wool rug is hand knotted. While the hand-tufted rug is made with a small machine or “gun” to insert the yarn into a backing for additional texture, the hand knotted rugs are made by making knots on per square inch. These rugs are specially available in countries like India, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, US and other countries.

When you are purchasing a contemporary shag rug, you should look into various online stores. After you finish choosing the style, you should compare the prices and look out for discounts available in the area rugs. If you want to purchase the rugs after a brief comparison of the fabric, then you should contact the online stores. They will ship samples of fabric to your home; for you to choose and then you can get the one that will most benefit you. The prices are quite economical so anyone can get the contemporary shag rugs to serve your purpose.

The contemporary rugs are available in various shapes and sizes like oval, round, rectangular, square and room size to cover the entire length and width of your room. The rugs add a hint of luxury and tradition to all the rooms. They protect the floor from getting damaged with heavy wear and tear. The rugs are specially useful for your kid’s room, as they often tend to sit on the floor and play.

So not only are the contemporary rugs a luxury for your room, but they also add a high degree of beauty and sophistication to your homes.