The Best Spa Treatment in Melbourne

We are dedicated to provide the best of service, a healing and relaxing atmosphere. spa treatment melbourne carry the traditional Bach Flower Essences, the Deva Flower Essence line and the beautiful Budda Fire Essences. Make sure to check out our latest spa package .Spa carry a wide selection of wonderful products to support you in balancing Body, Mind and Spirit. Our rhythmic strokes of 2 therapists massage the dosha-balancing oil into your body. Our very own warm bubbling mudpack relieves sports strains, edema, arthritis and sore areas. We offer a cooling experience with an exfoliation and light massage. Our body mask is particularly effective on congested oily skin, as the clay tones and tightens. Our luxurious shampoo gently cleans your hair and scalp while restoring soft, healthy looking luster to aging hair. Our gentle moisture-rich shampoo is designed to restore strength and moisture levels in extremely dry, thick or damaged hairs.

spa treatment melbourne

Take the opportunity to relax and spoil yourself with one or more of the spa treatment melbourne. Each part of your body is connected to the soles of your feet. In search for skin care solution, visit our company website now. Our oils increase the oxygen on a cellular level to detoxify and boost your body’s immune system. You can use our product for smoother and silkier skin. Placement of stones and the flowing movement of massage provides you deeper dimension to your experience. We proudly carry ULTRA BOTANICALS anti-aging skin care products. We also offer body wrap supplies that can save you more and more money! Get started on a healthy, new spa lifestyle with¬†spa treatment melbourne. We attribute the dramatic effect to alpha lipoic acid – taken internally and applied as a topical skin moisturizer.

If your skin feels generally oily and slick drop by spa treatment melbourne. Our algae paste mixed with pure therapeutic grade essential oils is applied with gentle nurturing massage-similarly strokes. Go ahead, treat yourself to a professional manicure and see what difference it can make. Our natural coconut oil cleansers work effectively even on oily hair, leaving it silkier & more manageable. We will be very glad to assist you with answers for your skin care problems. Our therapeutic mud is applied all over your body to release toxins and detoxify your skin.Spa simultaneously give you a massage, releasing all physical tensions. You will look and feel as vital as you believe you really are. Your body has the chance to return to its natural intelligence, the place from where healing happens. We soothe your skin with a Swedish massage then follow with intense exfoliation for that beautiful glow.