The Many Uses Of Hydraulic Presses

The Many Uses Of Hydraulic Presses

A hydraulic cylinder works on the basis of pressure being transferred through a fluid. This pressure can be transferred by the fluid through cylinders, pipes, and tubes, even around corners. Hydraulic presses are machines that use a hydraulic cylinder to generate a force which is then exerted on a material, usually a metal. This is one of the fundamental pieces of equipment used in metal fabrication work. They are quite a versatile piece of equipment and they have been adapted for use across a range of industries for different manufacturing purposes.

Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic presses have been used in industry for many years and their design has continued to be enhanced to improve their efficiency. They can be used to optimise many types of forming and stamping operations in industrial and manufacturing applications. They are also very popular in the metal fabrication industry because they are powerful, adaptable, reliable, and efficient.

Hydraulic presses are powered through the use of a suitable hydraulic fluid, which is usually oil or water. The basic concept for a hydraulic press consists of two connected cylinders, the master and the slave, with the flow of the hydraulic fluid regulated between them. The master cylinder is the larger cylinder. The hydraulic fluid is placed in the slave cylinder where the pressure is then applied. As the pressure increases, the fluid is then allowed to move to place pressure on a piston in the larger cylinder. Attached to the piston is the metal press or punch. As the piston moves down, it then comes in contact with the material, usually a metal, and the die. The metal is then formed into the shape of the die as a result of the pressure being applied on it by the punch. Once this shape has been fully formed, the pressure on the piston is released and the process will then begin again for the next item to be shaped.

Hydraulic presses are usually of quite a heavy construction as they have to be able to work for long periods under heavy pressures. It is important that they are constructed well for safety reasons. They also need to be able to function in heavy working environments over extended periods of time while manufacturing different items.

Many hydraulic presses are manufactured from stainless steel as it is a durable metal that will resist corrosion. Some forms will have only one station that will be able to do the work, but there are others that have the ability to work on the shaping of multiple items simultaneously.

Metal fabrication work

At Metal Form, we use these Power Presses in our metal fabrication work and for associated manufacturing activity. We have also applied our knowledge to the identification of the best hydraulic presses and other related equipment for our clients. We understand that each client will have different requirements, so we have identified a range of equipment that will suit many different purposes and environments. We have very skilled technicians to assist with the installation of these Power Presses and also to provide the additional training that will ensure they are able to be used by your operators at peak efficiency.