Golf Course Marketing Ideas to Improve Your Brand

Golf Course Marketing Ideas to Improve Your Brand

You probably got into the golf course business due to your love for golf. Even with the low attendance and sales lag, you’re still passionate about the game. Guess it’s time for an overhaul. Below are golf course marketing ideas that’ll help your brand swing to action, gaining one player at a time and amassing profits.

Create a Website

If you don’t have a distinct online presence in this digital age, you won’t make enough sales. There’s an increasing competition among the numerous golf courses, so you need to be exceptional and stand out from others. You stand a greater chance of making more profits with a golf course website. All the necessary information about your golf course can be found on the website. Through the website, people can book appointments without difficulty. It also makes your business credible, building trust between you and your clients.

Launch a Mobile App

It’s easier for a customer to access your products and services via an app. According to statistics, over 5.11 billion people use mobile phones worldwide, and about 2.87 billion are smartphone users. Hence, launching a mobile app will be so beneficial to your business. Through the mobile app, you can send push up notifications about upcoming promotions and events to customers. For your golf course, you’ll need to include these features: Player POS profile, your recent offers, tournaments, online booking method, and the different kinds of payment schemes. All these will make it convenient for clients to book your services. All you need to do is invest in your back-end development and setup.

Start Loyalty Program for Customers

How about rewarding consistent clients? If you don’t have a loyalty program in place, it’s time you start one. You can conduct a giveaway for every five or ten games a customer plays. This golf course marketing idea will influence people to buy your course and join more games. You can offer old players extra support, give them a discount on golf apparel and a free meal. Similarly, you can even create a loyalty program on your app. Start these loyalty programs and see your customers coming back for more.

Offer Golf Course Lessons

The scope of every business is to have a wide range of customers. Think about ways to draw in prospective clients. Many youngsters have no idea about golf. Spark their interest by organizing golf lessons. Young people still schooling and working in their new jobs should be among your target customers. Women shouldn’t be left out. They make great clients if you can persuade them to play golf. Arranging golf courses and women-based tournaments like “Ladies Wine & Nine” leagues and “Ladies Only golf” will propel them to play golf.

Give Family and Group Discounts

Offering discounts on group packages will increase attendance and bump up sales. Running family bundle packages will most likely entice families with kids. Boost up your business and sales by offering family and group discounts.

Now you have a clue on how to draw valuable customers and promote your golf course. Spur your brand to greatness with these golf course marketing ideas. Implement any or all of them and experience massive sales and patronage.